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Photo of the Day: Under the Eiffel Tower

This shot features one of the Eiffel Tower’s massive legs. It’s a color photo, but the contrast of the tower silhouetted against the overcast sky makes it look almost black and white. You can view more featured photos at my Photo

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Eurotrip 2014, Part 4: A Day in Paris

July 1, 2014: The phone in my London flat roused me at 4 a.m.—my wakeup call. What am I, nuts? Who gets up this early on vacation? Someone who wants to spend a day in Paris, that’s who. So I

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Photo of the Day: Louvre Panorama

Here’s a panorama I took of the Louvre during my day in Paris a couple of months ago. The plaza was not very crowded for the summer, probably because it had rained for most of the day, but this was one

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My London Visit Has Become an Epic Eurotrip

It began with a passing thought: Monty Python is doing a reunion show in London this July. How cool would it be to go see it live? And while I’m over there I could tour some of the UK. I’ve

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