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Notes from the Championship Parade

By now everyone has seen the amazing footage of the Phillies’ championship parade through streets filled with what some estimates have put at over two million people, so I’m not going to spend time rehashing what other journalists have already

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World Champions!!!

Curse, schmurse! The Phillies were not going to be denied tonight. Every time the Rays tied it, the Phils grabbed the lead right back, and fittingly, Lidge clinched the championship with a strikeout. Then the fireworks started, the champagne flowed,

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Phils Foiled by Mother Nature

Well, we’ll have to put that parade on hold for at least another day, as tonight’s game was suspended due to rain. Contrary to what the broadcasters were blabbering about (more on them later), this blustery rain delay has clearly

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Phils Bats Spring to Life as they Clobber the Rays, 10-2

Is this really happening? Are the Phillies really just one win away from a championship? Are they really just 27 outs from breaking the curse of William Penn and releasing this city from 25 years of championship futility? As Philly

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Two down…

The Phillies managed to scratch out a last minute victory doing what they failed to do most of the season: playing a little small ball. Great baserunning by Bruntlett (for once I was glad that Burrell wasn’t still in the

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It’s a Series, Phils Fall, 4-2

The story of Game 2 was stranded runners. The Phillies got away with it last night with Hamels dominating, but not tonight. This was a very winnable game as Myers did not pitch badly (three earned runs over seven innings

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Good First Win

Three to go, as the Phillies took Game 1, 3-2. I was getting nervous with all the runners the Phils were stranding, but the pitching from Hamels, Madson, and Lidge was phenomenal, as was the defense with a couple of

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World Series, Baby!

I have to admit that of all the Philly teams with the potential to win a championship, I would have placed the Phillies third behind the Flyers and Eagles. That was prior to the season, before we saw how good

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Phillies Climb ‘Stairs’ to Victory

I know, I know, horrible pun, but I couldn’t resist. The Fightins are now one win away from the world series after tonight’s gut-check come from behind victory. They trailed by two and were down to their last five outs,

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Well, we knew it wasn’t going to be a sweep…

The Phillies fell in Game 3 thanks in part to a listless performance from the offense, which pretty much went to sleep after the Phils found themselves in a 6-1 hole. Kuroda certainly had a lot to do with it,

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