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For the Birds

Well, it was bound to happen when the NFL decided to split the league into eight divisions; it was only a matter of time.  And here we are, with the embarrassment of a 7-9 team hosting a playoff game while

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Random Thoughts

In lieu of a new article, here’s a compilation of my sports-related thoughts from this past weekend… Saturday at 7:07pmWanted: Closer. Location: Philadelphia. Job Description: Get people out. Must be willing to travel. Sunday at 12:01pm I’m ready for some

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On Vick and the Eagles

Damn you, Andy Reid. Damn you, Jeff Lurie. Damn you both for putting me in the position of rooting for a team with a dog murderer on it. Let me make this clear: I don’t want Vick on my team.

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Battle of the Birds

It’s hard to believe we’re sitting here talking about the Eagles in the NFC Championship game after the season they had. On at least two different occasions I was convinced the season was over. The first time was after the

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Rant of the Week

Once again the NFL is the subject of my rant. Last week, I criticized the playoff seeding; this week, it’s the scheduling. Normally I couldn’t care less about the Baltimore Ravens, but they are getting shafted by the league as

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Eagles Fly On

This entry is late, so there’s not much point in going into heavy details of the Eagles’ win in Minnesota. To be honest, it’s a game they should have won. They were the better team. The fact that it took

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Rant of the Week: NFL Playoff Seeding

How screwed up is the NFL when a 9-7 team (Arizona) is hosting an 11-5 team (Atlanta), and an 8-8 team (San Diego) is hosting a 12-4 team (Indianapolis)? And even though Miami and Baltimore have identical records, Baltimore technically

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Sometimes the Long Shot Comes In

Who would have thought we’d be sitting here on Monday talking about the Eagles’ upcoming playoff game? Nobody. Who in their right mind thought Tampa would lose at home to a lousy team like Oakland, blowing a ten-point lead in

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Half A Yard Short: A Microcosm for the Whole Season

First, let’s face facts: the Eagles season ended in Washington. They’re not going to the playoffs. Tampa Bay is not going to miraculously lose at home to the hapless Raiders. And even if the unthinkable happens and Tampa loses, the

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Eagles Still on the Outside Looking In

Last week the Eagles pummeled the Browns into submission, but their third consecutive win still wasn’t enough to get them back to the inside track of the playoff hunt, thanks to Tampa Bay, whose loss to Atlanta just closed the

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