About The Eyes of Mictlan

There are worlds that exist beneath the shroud of human reality, accessible only to those who know how to find the doors. Sam Cristo, haunted by a violent past on the streets of Philadelphia, has spent years searching for one such world.

Today, he stands before its door. At last, he can avenge the murder of his beloved Jeanette.

A powerful force suddenly grabs hold of Sam and pulls him through the doorway, dropping him into a strange realm under a blood-red sky. There he meets Serena, the leader of a rebellion against Xavier, the tyrant king who ordered Jeanette’s execution. Sam joins Serena on a mission to sneak into a secret temple with ties to the ancient Aztec Empire. Inside they make a chilling discovery about Xavier’s endgame, setting off a desperate race against time to destroy a talisman that powers the portal between worlds. Along the way, Sam learns the truth behind Jeanette’s murder when a stunning revelation turns his life upside down, and he soon finds himself fighting for something greater than vengeance.

THE EYES OF MICTLAN is a genre-bending work of dark fantasy blended with elements of organized crime and historical fiction that straddles two worlds across multiple time periods, telling parallel stories that slowly converge into a thrilling climax.