American Northwest Trip, 2017: Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone

These photos are from my hike of the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park, a geyser-rich geothermal area that includes the Old Faithful, Beehive, and Castle geysers, along with more than four-hundred others. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, walking among all of these cones, boiling springs, bursting geysers, and steam plumes really drives home the reality that you are standing on top of a super volcano. I didn’t have time to explore the entire basin, but I saw a good portion of it. Toward the end of my hike I caught the eruption of the Lion Geyser from a distance, documented in a couple of the photos.

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I shot this photo of Comet NEOWISE from my front yard in Central Jersey at 9:46pm on July 19th. I took several exposures of varying shutter speeds to see what would work best, eventually settling on this ten-second exposure. It turned out pretty well considering we don’t exactly have the darkest skies.

I also thought it would be neat to make a time-lapse animated gif of all the photos I took that night. This animation demonstrates the movement of the comet through the sky over a 7-minute time span. The difference in quality between frames is attributable to the aforementioned differences in shutter speeds.

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Upstate New York Trip, 2015: Watkins Glen

Some photos from our stay on Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen, New York. Our lodging (Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel) was walking distance to Watkins Glen State Park, which was fortuitous since the massive car parade in town would have made driving to the park a harrowing experience. The town itself felt a bit like stepping back in time to a bygone era, a sensation I’ve experienced in much of America the farther I’ve traveled from major metropolitan areas.

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California Trip, 2014: Coit Tower and Filbert Steps in San Francisco

The gallery below features photos of the spectacular views from the top of Coit Tower (six of which were stitched together to form the nearly 360-degree panorama above). Also featured below are the Filbert Steps, which descend Telegraph Hill through a garden area. The steps are actually a pedestrian extension of Filbert Street. I walked up Telegraph Hill via Lombard Street to visit the tower, and then descended the hill via the steps, which seemed to be the easier approach.

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Seattle Trip, 2019: Downtown Seattle

These photos are from my walks around the downtown area of Seattle.

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Glacier National Park, 2019: Trail of Cedars

These photos are from my hike of the Trail of Cedars, an easy stroll through the woods that hooks up with the highly-recommended Avalanche Lake Trail around the halfway point.

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Virginia Trip, 2018: Shenandoah National Park

These photos are from our drives along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, including hikes of Hawksbill Summit Trail and Bearfence Viewpoint Trail. Along the latter trail we missed the turn for the easier hike and ended up doing a difficult rock scramble though crevices and steep climbs. I’m sure the rock scramble on this trail is not a problem for experienced hikers, but for us it was a bit harrowing, especially since we were concerned about losing daylight before we made our way back down to the car.

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American Southwest Trip, 2018: Bryce Canyon Lookouts

These photos are from three different lookout points in Bryce Canyon National Park. The first few were taken at Piracy and Fairview Points as the sun finally peeked through the clouds toward the end of a dreary day. The majority of the remaining photos were taken on the following sunny day at various spots along the Inspiration Point trail.

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American Northwest Trip, 2017: Old Faithful

These photos are from my two visits to Old Faithful to watch the famous geyser erupt on its reliable schedule. I took shots at various stages of eruption and the final one has a nice rainbow alongside the geyser plume. The birds in some of the photos were actually very large, which helps put the size of the eruption in perspective.

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Upstate New York Trip, 2015: A Niagara Detour

As we prepared to depart Letchworth State Park for Watkins Glen, we noticed that Niagara Falls was only 90 minutes northwest of Letchworth, so we decided to take a detour since we wouldn’t be able to check in to our Watkins Glen hotel until later in the day anyway. We had stayed on the Canadian side of the falls for our one-year anniversary back in 2002 but had never visited the American side, so this seemed like a worthy day trip—and it was.

The American Falls may appear less impressive from the Canadian side when you’re standing over the magnificent Horseshoe Falls, but looks are deceiving. When you’re standing above the American Falls or hiking up the side of them, you realize just how incredibly powerful they are. The American side also allows you to walk along and across the upper Niagara River and gaze upon the rapids as the river approaches its perpetual rendezvous with a cliff. Unfortunately, we could not get close to the Horseshoe Falls because they were doing construction, but we had seen plenty of them in Canada, so it wasn’t a huge disappointment.

Here are a few photos from our visit. As always, no photo or video can do justice to any major waterfall, and this is especially true of Niagara Falls—you really need to be there in person to feel the power of hundreds of thousands of gallons per second thundering over the edge and crashing to the river below in order to understand what an amazing natural wonder this place truly is. Both the American and Canadian sides are more than worthy of a visit.

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