Good First Win

Three to go, as the Phillies took Game 1, 3-2. I was getting nervous with all the runners the Phils were stranding, but the pitching from Hamels, Madson, and Lidge was phenomenal, as was the defense with a couple of key double plays. Utley’s two-run blast set the tone, and Hamels did the rest. After a slow start, Utley is putting together one hell of a postseason.

They can’t keep getting away with stranding all those runners, though. One thing I would change is the DH. Coste has really slumped in the second half of the season. I would go with Dobbs, Jenkins, or Stairs. And even though he got a couple of hits, I still disagree with Werth hitting in the 2-hole instead of Victorino.

Anyway, the first game in any series is huge and the Phillies found a way to win. Here’s hoping Myers pitches well tonight and the Phils’ big bats wake up.

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