Eurotrip 2009: The Movie

I finally got around to compiling the little videos I shot during my 2009 Eurotrip into a movie.  These were shot with my old pocket camera, so it’s not HD video quality and I didn’t have the ability to zoom in and out during shooting, but it’s still a decent companion piece to my journal.


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6 thoughts on “Eurotrip 2009: The Movie”

  1. What a great film. I am heading to Europe this summer and I really enjoy seeing your photos and your film. I recognize the music you chose, but I can’t remember the title. What is it? Copeland?

    1. Thank you! The song is ‘Jupiter’ from ‘The Planets’ suite, by Holst. What parts of Europe are you seeing?

      1. I will be in Zurich, Konstanz, Luzern, Salzburg and Munich. The central part of my trip is a weeklong hike in the Dolomites of northern Italy.

      2. Sounds like a great trip! Salzburg and Lucerne are two of my favorite European cities that I have visited, and Munich is great, too. A weeklong hike is very adventurous! I did the Inca Trail hike last year and those four days of hiking were enough for me 🙂

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