Down in Mexico: The Movie

This is a compilation of the mini-videos I shot during my October 2013 trip to Mexico, highlighted by my visits to the pyramid sites of Teotihuacan, Uxmal, and Chichen Itza. Mostly absent are my stays in Merida and Cancun, as I neglected to take video in those cities.

I apologize for the jerkiness of the zooms, but the manual zoom lens of my new camera does not lend itself well to smooth zooming. I tried to smooth out some of the zooms by slowing the video down, with mixed results. This is one case where my older camera (with its auto-zoom) would have been preferable, but I wasn’t about to haul two cameras all over Mexico. 🙂

For musical accompaniment, having already used most of the other pieces from Holst’s The Planets for previous movies, I decided it was time to use Mars, The Bringer of War. I think it fits pretty well with the visions of the pyramids.

The video quality defaults to 360p, but you can increase this up to 1080p if you want to view it in higher quality.

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3 thoughts on “Down in Mexico: The Movie”

  1. That was excellent Michael, you captured all of the important things……I wonder how long you would be able to balance that tray on top of your head while dancing 🙂 Was that some Star Wars music? Sounded like it.

    1. Thanks. It’s actually a piece of classical music, but you can definitely hear the influence on John Williams’ score for Star Wars.

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