Eagles Manhandle Giants

It’s late to be posting this so I won’t write much, but I couldn’t let the week go without celebrating a victory over that hated team from North Jersey. The Eagles dominated the game from start to finish; the Giants’ offense didn’t so squat until garbage time. I hope Reid took some notes. This is what happens when you don’t abandon the running game and you keep pounding it in there: you wear the opposing defense down and dominate in the second half, though we probably have Mornhinweg to thank more than Reid since he was clearly calling the plays again.

It’s great to see them playing this well now, but I still fear it may be too little, too late. You can’t help but wonder where the team would be if Reid hadn’t gone brain dead and pulled McNabb against the Ravens. Oh well, at least they control their own destiny within the division now (thanks to the Cowboys’ meltdown against the Steelers). If the Eagles run the table, they will finish second in the division. However, that still may not be good enough to reach the playoffs because they still need Atlanta to lose one more time, though that could happen as early as this week against Tampa Bay.

Bottom Line: the Eagles are in much better shape than they were two weeks ago, but they still need a little help and obviously have zero margin for error.

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