Eagles Crush Cardinals . . . and I’m Mad

It was a dominant effort from start to finish on both sides of the ball . . . so why am I angry? Because it’s probably too little too late, because this is the team they should have been all season, because this is the way they are capable of playing when their heads are in the game and the coach isn’t going brain dead. The Cardinals were overrated anyway coming out of the dismal NFC West, but to dominate any NFL team like that takes the type of talent we’ve known they possessed all year. That’s what makes this victory more frustrating than gratifying, knowing what should have been. Yeah, it was fun to watch this game (Westbrook gets more than one consecutive carry and look what happens!), but also bittersweet because they still have almost no shot at the playoffs. It reminds me of last season when the Eagles were playing the best football in the NFC over the final third of the season when it didn’t matter anymore.

So Reid may get them playing well enough down the stretch to save his job (not that his job is ever in much jeopardy with Lurie being so in love with him), but what’s the point? It’s going to be the same crap next year when Reid reverts back to his stubborn, pass-happy self, making the same lousy decisions he makes every year . . . only this time he won’t have McNabb to scapegoat since Donovan will likely be somewhere else helping some other team make the playoffs . . . and we’ll see for perhaps the first time in Reid’s career what kind of coach he really is when he doesn’t have a stud quarterback to make his predictable, one-dimensional offense look good.

By the way, the refs were flat-out awful in this game. This has to be one of the worst officiated seasons I can remember.

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