Photo of the Day: Yosemite Tunnel View

I took this photo at the Tunnel View lookout on my way down to Yosemite Valley. The scene looks so pristine you’d never know that, as I snapped this photo, I was drowning in a sea of selfie stick-wielding people who seemed more interested in taking photos of themselves than of the gorgeous view in front of them.

Date: 10/18/2014
Camera: Nikon D5100
Click for larger view

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Yosemite Tunnel View”

  1. Got any trips coming up? We’re going to North/Central Florida (from Georgia where we live) to watch our daughter’s cross country race. Not super exciting from a travel standpoint…but hey, there’s no such thing as a bad trip right?

    1. Right, any trip is a good trip. We’re heading to upstate NY next month to spend a couple of days in Letchworth State Park followed by a couple of days in Watkins Glen.

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