San Francisco Panoramas

I’ve been falling behind on my travel writing lately; I still have yet to write about my summer trip to Europe, so it will be quite a while before I get around to posting the journal from my most recent trip to California. In the meantime, here are some horizontal and vertical panoramas I shot in San Francisco. You can click on any image to view a larger size.

On the beach about halfway through my long walk to the Golden Gate Bridge.
View from the top of Coit Tower
Another view from Coit Tower. Alcatraz and the Golden Gate are visible in the bay.
Near the Golden Gate. I was surprised at how roughly the waves crashed into the shore.
The Palace of Fine Arts
Inside the domed structure at the Palace of Fine Arts.
A view of the city at night from Pier 39.
Looking back toward the city from near the Golden Gate.
The Palace of Fine Arts, where I began my walk, is barely visible on the far right of the screen.
This is actually an HDR photo, not a panorama, but I decided to include it here.
Another view of the city from Coit Tower.

And I’ll leave you with a wider shot of the city at night.

View from Pier 39

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