Cape May Lighthouse

One of the most prominent features of Cape May is the lighthouse, which is visible from many different areas of the town, including the beach and the hiking trails of Cape May Point State Park. Here are a few photos of the lighthouse from different perspectives from my most recent visit. You can click on any image to see a bigger version.

The first two photos were taken from the beach. The second one below features my dog Heidi in the foreground.

This next batch was taken at various points along the nature trails of Cape May Point State park.

These next two were taken from the grounds of the lighthouse.

These two were taken from Cape May Point beach near dusk (the second one after the light turned on).

This final photo was my first attempt at shooting and stitching together a vertical panorama. There were some issues with the assembly as you can see below, but I still sorta like it, even with the imperfections. I’m still working out the kinks of manually shooting panoramas with my new camera (the panorama assist mode of my old camera made it much easier).

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos from inside the lighthouse on this most recent visit as I never got around to climbing it. Oh well, next time.

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