Mexico Awaits

I have just booked my next big trip: a tour of Aztec and Mayan pyramids in Mexico that starts in Mexico City, moves to the Yucatan Peninsula, and eventually ends up in Cancun. I am also timing the trip so that I will be in Mexico City and Merida during the Day of the Dead festivities, which should be a neat experience.

This will be my first completely solo trip, which I now feel comfortable doing after my partially solo trip to Peru last year and my two days alone in Venice in 2011. I decided to treat myself to the deluxe tour package so I should be staying in some pretty nice hotels–my reward to myself after four days of roughing it in the wilderness of the Inca Trail last year. 🙂

Below is the rough itinerary according to the tour company’s web site. I don’t think I’ll have a ton of free time, but if anyone who has traveled to that part of Mexico has any suggestions about things to do, places to eat, etc., I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Day 01:

  • Arrival in Mexico City.  Free time.

Day 02:

  • All-day sightseeing tour in Mexico City.

Day 03:

  • Visit the Guadalupe shrine.
  • Guided tour of Teotihuacan pyramids with free time allotted for climbing.

Day 04:

  • Fly to Merida.
  • Short sightseeing tour in the afternoon.

Day 05:

  • Visit the Kabah and Uxmal pyramid sites.

Day 06:

  • Visit the Chichen Itza pyramid site.
  • Transfer to Cancun.

Days 07 and 08:

  • Free time in Cancun.

Day 09:

  • Depart for home.

Sounds like a nice tour.  The Aztec and Mayan pyramids have always been near the top of my bucket list.  I can’t wait!

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6 comments on “Mexico Awaits
  1. RobiniArt says:

    Wow! Have fun! I’m jealous!

  2. i did exactly the same trip last july! if you need any help im here! i also lived in mexico city so i can recommend some cool places! i blog a lot about mexico too!

    • Michael Rappa says:

      Did you do it through ‘Tour By Mexico?” How did you like it? Any advice you have would be much appreciated and I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks! 🙂

      • I actually did it through G Adventures. I absolutely loved it. Teotihuacan is one of the most impressive archeological sites in Mexico in my opinion (aside from Palenque in the state of Chiapas). I found Chichen Itza impressive but they had tried to make it look too prim and proper for us tourists whereas Palenque and Uxmal are more ‘live out your Indiana Jones fantasy’ wild jungle ruins. Take a good water proof if you are going during the rainy season! If you want a great view of Mexico City try the Torre Latino America (Latin American Tower), but instead of paying to go to the viewing deck go up another level (or two) to the bar and restaurant. The view is much better, free from the tourist crowd and the price of a cold beer is much cheaper than the admission price to the viewing platform! ENJOY YOUR TRIP! escaped from yorkshire x

    • Michael Rappa says:

      Thanks! Having a beer at the top of the tower sounds like a great idea. I can’t wait to see Teotihuacan and the other sites; they’ve been on my bucket list for a long time. Hopefully in late October/early November I won’t have to worry about too much rain, but after the torrential downpour and sleet storm I endured on the Inca Trail last year during Peru’s “dry season,” I’ve learned not to count on anything. I’ll definitely come prepared!

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Mount Hood, Oregon - August, 2017 Berries on Mount Hood. #hiking #landscapes #mounthood #mountains #NorthAmerica #Oregon #Photography #Travel #UnitedStates
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