Here We Go Again

The media just can’t resist a juicy story about those “boorish” fans from Philadelphia booing somebody. In this case, the claim is that they booed our Vice President-elect…
Biden Booed

Yeah, they’re really going to boo the guy they just voted for. This is another idiotic non-story by media morons who don’t do their homework.

The fans were booing the call on the field. Eli Manning had just thrown a ball into the dirt that should have been intentional grounding. It wasn’t called, which caused the fans to boo at the same time NBC happened to be showing Biden on TV. Then the fans saw the replay on the jumbo screens and began to boo even more. And each time the replay was shown, they booed even more. In fact, I doubt the fans even knew Biden was on camera at that time. When you’re at a sporting event, you don’t see what the people see on TV at home, and any reporter doing just the tiniest bit of research would know that. But they’d rather just jump on a sensationalist story, because hopping on the “bad Philly fans” bandwagon is the easy thing to do—it doesn’t require any actual journalism.

I remember when I was watching it last night thinking, “Oh great they have to show Biden at the exact moment the fans are booing a call. The media is going to jump all over that.” And sure enough, they did. Nice job, CNN.

By the way, according to some people who were actually at the game, Biden was cheered when he was shown on the big screen at a different moment in the game. Nuff said. Next non-story, please.

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