Baby Steps for the Eagles in Victory over Atlanta

This one was a little close for comfort but a win’s a win. The Eagles caught a break with that bad muffed punt call, but I don’t think Atlanta was going to score again anyway, and the Birds had their share of bad calls go against them (like the brutal roughing call on Cole). The inability to score from in close continues to be worrisome, though I think Westbrook was in on 2nd goal with his second effort (the same play as the offsides penalty), but the refs blew the whistle early. Still, Reid better figure out a way to punch it in. Stop with the fancy wishbone looks and shovel passes and just put the ball in the hands of your best players. He finally tried a sneak but he didn’t spread the defense out and it failed—now we’ll never see another one.

Anyway, what a difference a healthy Westbrook makes to the offense. They still have a ways to go before my confidence is restored (relatively close wins against mediocre teams like Atlanta and the 49ers aren’t exactly awe inspiring) but they seem to be headed in the right direction.

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