CC Who?

After vanquishing the mighty CC Sabathia last night the Phillies have taken control of the series. The obvious heroes are Victorino, who hit the dramatic two-strike, two-out grand slam in the second on his way to a three-hit game, and Myers, who settled down nicely after surviving a first-inning, bases-loaded scare, to hold the Brewers to just two runs over seven innings. His biggest contribution, however, was at the plate. In the second inning, the light-hitting (and that’s generous) pitcher worked a two-out walk in a nine-pitch at-bat as the crowd roared with every fouled pitch and taken ball, appearing to rattle Sabathia in the process, and setting the stage for Victorino’s slam that blew the game wide open. Then Myers did it again in the 4th, flying out after a 10-pitch at-bat . . . Sabathia would not survive the inning. Later in the game Myers added a single for good measure.

The offense continued its feast or famine output, though, scoring all of its runs in just one inning, but it’s hard to complain about that when your team tags Sabathia for five runs. To win a game against arguably the best pitcher in baseball while your 3-4-5 hitters go 0-for-10 is pretty amazing. To do it on the backs of a little outfielder not known for his power and a pitcher not known for his hitting is the stuff of legend.

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