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Black and White Challenge

A while back I decided to experiment with converting some of my color photos to black and white. Here are the results. In some cases I think the black-and-white conversions actually breathed new life into the pictures. This is particularly

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Sights and Sounds of London

I didn’t take much video during my trip to London this past February, but I had enough material to create this little two-minute compilation. I also want to share an animated gif I created to honor my Heidi, who passed away a

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Remembering Heidi on Her Birthday

I’m re-posting this in honor of what would have been Heidi’s 17th birthday, along with an expanded tribute video incorporating footage that I found since the original post. We miss you so much, baby girl. Not a day has gone

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Dear Heidi

We fell in love with you from the moment we saw you on that wintry day back in 2000. While all of the other dogs up for adoption were jumping around in their crates and barking, you were just lying

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Photo of the Day: Edinburgh Castle Dog Cemetery

During my exploration of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland I happened upon this small garden that has been used since the 19th-century as a burial place for regimental mascots and officers’ dogs. A dog lover myself, I found this to be

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Heidi in the Snow

I don’t usually share things like this here, but I couldn’t resist this little video of my dog Heidi having some fun in the snowstorm the other day. Still spry at 15 years old.

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The Cat and I

I’m not a cat person, never have been, never will be. I prefer the warmth and emotion of a dog to the seemingly cold stare of a cat. My family have never been cat people; we always had dogs growing

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