Introducing My New “Origins” Series

I have a launched a new eBook series called The Eyes of Mictlan Origins, a collection of free short stories excerpted from my novel, The Eyes of Mictlan. All of the stories will be available as free eBooks from Smashwords and other booksellers.

I have also launched a new page on my author site dedicated to the series. The first story, Dalton, is available now. Read below for a synopsis.


Old West judge Dalton awakes under a scorching desert sun in a pool of blood-soaked dirt, a noose around his neck, his arms bound behind his back. He turns his gaze upward to find the bodies of his wife and children hanging from a tree. Only then does he begin to recall the horror of the previous evening when a gang of outlaws murdered his family. On the verge of death himself, Dalton desperately drags his broken body back toward civilization, a single thought on his mind: revenge.

And coming soon. . .

Xavier: An ancient vampire manipulates events during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.

Marina: A White Chapel prostitute takes extreme measures after Jack the Ripper murders her friend.

Caesar: A senator of the Roman Empire discovers the monstrous nature of his friend and colleague.

Jeanette: A Depression-era speakeasy singer struggles to survive the hell of a tuberculosis sanatorium.

In related news, there is just over a week left to download my full novel, The Eyes of Mictlan, for free at Smashwords.  Just enter the code SFREE at checkout.

In closing, I promise to resume posting travel and photo stories with more consistency once this unprecedentedly busy summer is finally over. Stay tuned. And as always, thank you for reading!